decision mojo thumbWho has the "D"? Are we making the right decision? What traps might get in the way?

"An organization's continued success requires a cadre of leaders and professionals skilled in the art and science of making good decisions."

There is no activity more fundamental to personal and organizational success than decision-making. It is the one task shared by every leader and professional in an organization. It is also how they individually and collectively earn their keep.

Yet there is never a guarantee that leaders and professionals will always make good decisions, even in the most benign circumstances. Being able to consistently make high-quality decisions in challenging circumstances is an even rarer skill.

Drawing on the most recent research in neuroscience, decision theory and behavioral economics, Decision Mojo™ helps us recognize key cognitive traps that can cause suboptimum decisions. It then teaches a number of specific strategies for avoiding the traps and making more effective decisions.

Specifically, during the Decision Mojo™ workshop participants learn:

  • About key decision traps such as Anchoring, Frame Blindness, Availability, Sunk Cost/Loss Aversion, Snap Judgment Error, Groupthink, Information Overdose,
  • False Analogy, Self Interest/Attachment, Status Quo Bias, Confirming Evidence and Overconfidence
    When these traps are likely to occur and how they can impact a decision or recommendation
  • How to apply the 8 Disciplines of Decision Acumen to improve effectiveness in both organizational and personal decision situations
  • When to trust/not trust intuition when making a decision
  • Appropriate decision-making strategies for different types of situations

Decision Mojo™ is highly experiential and practical. Throughout the workshop, key techiniques for creating immediately actionable learning are employed and participants leave the course with a set of tools to help them apply what they learned as they continue
to refine their decision-making skills.

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