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Celemi Livon Lite

The power of the customer

"Inspire people and help them realize your company´s marketing strategy."

Celemi Livon Lite™ is the fast track to a basic understanding of the principles of marketing and branding. At the starting point, four companies are fiercely competing in a narrow segment of the marketplace. There is little differentiation, causing a restless customer base with little loyalty to their respective companies.

Teams need to decide on how to best use their limited resources on attracting a selection of customers.

There are some big issues to discuss:

  • How will we attract and retain a steady customer base?
  • What are our strengths and how can we leverage them?
  • What type of market profile do we want and how will we communicate it?

Customers´ perceptions and preferences change as an effect of how they are treated over time. As a consequence, more or less of the potential market share is captured.

Teams assess their performance:

  • Were they able to select a position in the marketplace and hold onto it?
  • Were they able to attract their customers of choice?
  • Were they able to maintain the price level they wanted?
  • Did they spend more money than necessary to maintain the operation?

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Celemi Livon Lite Quickfacts


  • Celemi Livon Lite is a board-based business simulation


  • From four to several thousand participants
  • Participants are grouped in teams of 3-4
  • One facilitator for every 25-30 people
  • Sales and marketing staff

Time required

  • 4-6 hours


  • Facilitators certified by Celemi


  • Celemi Livon Lite is available in English, Swedish and Russian
  • Business simulations are continuously translated, so please contact us
  • Business Simulations are often referred to as Business Games