Business Simulations

Business Simulations or Business Games are Clearly Realistic

JTe is a leader in interactive business acumen training using business simulations and business simulation games. Through customizable sessions, your employees get a physical and realistic hands-on experience putting the pieces of your organization together!

Business Management games enable your employees to understand what needs improvement. More than that the business literacy they learn will enable them to understand what needs to be done differently. Using business training simulations to understand cost control, closing more sales, improving quality or other essential business issues enables employees to know how your business really works. If employees are expected to help you increase productivity and profitability, then business literacy is essential. Business simulations make improvement a reality!

Business management games make your employees your best competitive advantage! Business literacy means “I know and understand how we make money”. Can your employees answer yes to that question?

Business simulations are training sessions that typically last a day or two. Results are fast. But the learning approach in business simulations ensures increased business literacy as well as ensuring long-lasting and continuous improvement.

If your people understand where your organization wants to go – and why – they will take you there!

Our business learning solutions which include business simulations and business games rapidly improve business performance. Business training simulations develop peoples' business skills, knowledge and motivation! We help companies address many challenges including:

  • Implement change
  • Create alignment
  • Boost performance
  • Reinforce values
  • Enhance capabilities

...and every challenge requires its own solution. Leading companies have successfully addressed these and other business issues using business simulations and games. Develop business literacy – see better results from your staff

Celemi Livon Lite

livon lite thumb"Inspire people and help them realize your company´s marketing strategy."

Celemi Livon Lite™ is the fast track to a basic understanding of the principles of marketing and branding. At the starting point, four companies are fiercely competing in a narrow segment of the marketplace. There is little differentiation, causing a restless customer base with little loyalty to their respective companies.

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Celemi Cayenne

                                                                              Celemi Cayenne Business Simulation

cayenne thumb"Preparing people for the challenges of project work" using Celemi Cayenne

A company has just completed a large project and, in hindsight, it did not deliver as much business value as was originally expected. There were budget and time overruns, and neither the project sponsors nor end users seem satisfied with the result. Because this is a business game participants are asked to go back in time to see if they can identify the hot buttons and deliver a better result.

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Celemi Medici

medici thumbThe Celemi Medici Game is a 3-hour business simulation based on the concepts of Frans Johansson´s best-selling book, The Medici Effect.

Explore unusual connections that have led to real innovations in business, culture and art. Create a sense of urgency so your company, organization or department can stay ahead in today's changing and competitive marketplace. Celemi Medici empowers innovation.

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Celemi Performance

Celemi Performance for performance thumb"When times are tough, you need people to think constructively and act decisively."

This Celemi simulation addresses this serious challenge? If people in your organization tend to view the glass as half empty rather than half full or worse than that, don't see opportunities at all how do you encourage people to see the opportunities?

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