supply chain managementSupply Chain Management Business Simulation

With extensive experience in the distribution industry, the Distribution Team’s goal is to provide you with the best advisory services in order to improve operational efficiencies and enrich your business.

All employees need to understand the fundamentals of the distributor business, your core business and competencies, and to stay focused, especially during times of uncertainty and instability.

Just getting back to the fundamentals – sounds simple, doesn’t it? Not so!

What does that mean and how can our Business Simulations help you?

  • Enabling your workforce's understanding of your financials: income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, operating expenses, customer/sales force profitability, and budgeting to support financial strategies

  • Understand core and next-to-core competencies: perceive growth opportunities, maximize core customer retention, competition, density/saturation, and market share

  • Analyze customer profitability: cost to serve, cost to serve margin and extended margin contributions, financial drivers, costs/customer/channel/market, etc.

  • Utilize variable compensation programs: non-fixed monetary rewards contingent on discretion, performance, or results achieved (overtime, inventory accuracy, damage, picking/shipping accuracy, loss accidents, accounts receivables, purchasing, etc.)

  • Managing your inventory: inventory management/inventory performance measures, turns, hits, carrying cost, product life cycle, obsolete inventory, inventory accuracy, service percentage, customer preference, etc
  • This Business Game can help you and your management team re-focus on the fundamentals, including a greater understanding of customers' needs, cash generation, cash flow, supply chain, supplier relationships, alliances, operational efficiencies, inventory, profitability, etc., and how all these different perspectives work together to have an impact on the bottom line. It’s not so simple, is it?

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