Business Simulations

Business Simulations or Business Games are Clearly Realistic

JTe is a leader in interactive business acumen training using business simulations and business simulation games. Through customizable sessions, your employees get a physical and realistic hands-on experience putting the pieces of your organization together!

Business Management games enable your employees to understand what needs improvement. More than that the business literacy they learn will enable them to understand what needs to be done differently. Using business training simulations to understand cost control, closing more sales, improving quality or other essential business issues enables employees to know how your business really works. If employees are expected to help you increase productivity and profitability, then business literacy is essential. Business simulations make improvement a reality!

Business management games make your employees your best competitive advantage! Business literacy means “I know and understand how we make money”. Can your employees answer yes to that question?

Business simulations are training sessions that typically last a day or two. Results are fast. But the learning approach in business simulations ensures increased business literacy as well as ensuring long-lasting and continuous improvement.

If your people understand where your organization wants to go – and why – they will take you there!

Our business learning solutions which include business simulations and business games rapidly improve business performance. Business training simulations develop peoples' business skills, knowledge and motivation! We help companies address many challenges including:

  • Implement change
  • Create alignment
  • Boost performance
  • Reinforce values
  • Enhance capabilities

...and every challenge requires its own solution. Leading companies have successfully addressed these and other business issues using business simulations and games. Develop business literacy – see better results from your staff

Business Simulations or Business Games are Clearly Realistic

The purpose of any business simulation or business game is to let you experiment with reality – without ruining your business. Business Simulations are fun. Business Simulations are engaging. Business Simulations are challenging. People make decisions and compete–for share...profits...the next big idea...

In the end, everyone wins because business simulations are not just business games. They are self-contained learning experiences in which we recreate real workplace or operational environments and give people the opportunity to test new skills and knowledge–and make mistakes–in a fun, safe environment.

Many of our business simulations or business games are available in different languages around the world. Program modifications and translation services are also available. All of the programs listed below are business simulations often called business games. See Business Game Simulation video.

eLearning Services

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Why eLearning?

  • easy to read, understand
  • easy to keep content current and accurate
  • available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • mobile & flexible – on the road, at home, in the café – anywhere with internet access
  • engaging narration, animations , graphics and video

Ideal For Companies

  • of any size - single location to multi-national
  • where time and money are valued
  • where quality & consistency are valued
  • that require flexible delivery - from home or work, day or night
  • that need training and record keeping to mitigate liability

eLearning is Low Cost

  • 60% or more savings over traditional training
  • No travel
  • No classroom
  • No instructor
  • No time off
  • automated record keeping

eLearning is Effective

  • students using online learning performed as well as those in face-to-face courses
  • the connection to performance improvement is in the implementation, not in the delivery mode of learning
  • quality training bolsters job performance & satisfaction - learners develop essential skills - testing with immediate feedback
  • automated record keeping
  • ideal for full time, shift workers, part timers and students – automatically “bookmarks” progress – learning schedule is at student´s convenience
  • speed to performance improvement is quick

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Client List

Solutions to business issues have been provided to many companies; large corporations to smaller businesses. The following list contains some of the companies JTe has worked with directly or through our partners

Automotive & Transportation
Daimler Chrysler • Fiat • Lexus • Saab • SAS • SJ • Star Alliance • Volkswagen • Volvo

Financial Services & Consulting
American Express • Barclays • Fortis Bank • Dunn & Bradstreet • GE Capital • Lloyds-TSB • Blue Shore Financial • Prospera Credit Union, Prudential • Wells Fargo

IT/IS Services & Consulting
Acer • Cap Gemini Ernst & Young • Cisco Systems • Fujitsu • Hewlett Packard • Honeywell • IBM • ICL • Intel • Logica • Microsoft • Oracle • SAP • Sierra Systems

Manufacturing & Engineering

3M • BASF • DeLaval • Goodyear • Johnson Controls •Philips • SMART Tech  Siemens • Thomas & Betts

Pharmaceutical & Health Care
Abbott • AstraZeneca • Baxter • GE Healthcare • • Novartis • Pharmacia Corporation • GlaxoSmithKline • Pfizer • Solvay • Wyeth-Ayerst

Professional Services
Accenture • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu • IBM Business Consulting Services • Siemens Business Services

Public Institutions and NGOs
AIESEC • Comax • DEFRA • DERA • Inland Revenue (UK) • Pioneers of Change

Retail, Consumer Products & Services
Club Corp International • Dixie Cup • Foster Brewing Group • Gap Inc. • Inter IKEA Systems • Kraft Food • Molson Breweries • Sainsbury's • Supervalu

Telecommunication Services
Bell • BT • Ericsson • Motorola • Nokia • Sprint

Utilities & Energy
BP • Centrica • E.ON • Ensign Energy • Petro Canada • Shell

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